Reducing shopping costs to save

May 17, 2017 eBankruptcy

Food and groceries are clearly necessities of life that fall under the needs list when establishing a family budget. We can, however, reduce average spending in this area when wants can be somewhat removed from the list. Most household shoppers know the golden rules of shopping, never shop while hungry and never take the kids. Additionally, there are some more handy hints to help save some money in this area.

Most supermarkets have specials beginning mid-week, but not all specials are marked out straight away. Shopping later in the week increases the odds of catching sale items and saving money.  Time of day is also an important factor, and the end of the day is when shops are likely to be clearing out excess stock. Stock up on items that will freeze if there’s room in the budget too, as that will save you in the long run.

Reduce the frequency of your shopping trips too. One big shop per fortnight should be plenty and small top ups of perishables like bread and milk only should be more than sufficient. If you’re tempted to buy too much on the week of your little shop, try not using a trolley. That way, you’re limited to only buying what you can carry.

Plan your meals and shop to a list
The old adage ‘failure to plan is a plan for failure’ can be applied to household grocery shopping. If you don’t know what you need, you will be guided by your eyes and stomach, both classically unreliable sources of inspiration and will no doubt break the budget.

Choose simple recipes ahead of schedule that suit the needs of your family size and composition, and make a list of groceries you need accordingly. Even better, is to check local supermarket catalogues before meal planning, then designing your menu based around ingredients that are marked down. Stick to your list when you arrive at the shops and watch the savings add up.

With rising costs of living, it’s unsurprising that stores like Aldi are thriving. Members of every socio-economic class are coming to see Aldi as a means of reducing household expenses. Boasting affordable products of decent quality, Aldi is a supermarket force to be reckoned with.

Aldi products are typically their own “non-brand” and bought in bulk to sell to consumers at reduced prices. The savings in this process are passed on to the customers. Most loyal Aldi patrons will tell you they save up to hundreds of dollars by avoiding the big two supermarkets and predominately shopping at Aldi.

From standard groceries to household consumables like tin foil and toilet paper, to gardening equipment, toys and candles and more, Aldi puts on an affordable spread of goods typically priced around $2 cheaper per item than their competitors.

If you’re struggling to keep to your household grocery budget, perhaps trying new stores, or discount places like Aldi will see that change for the better, along with a healthier bank account.

If you find you are drowning in debt and feel you can’t cut costs any further, contact us today to discuss options available to help relieve your financial distress. For a quick, anonymous evaluation, click here and check out our financial health assessment tool.