Bankruptcy in Australia – Who do I talk to?

Bankruptcy in Australia – Who do I talk to?
December 21, 2016 eBankruptcy

Who do you talk to when talking about your financial circumstances in Australia? Probably your accountant or financial advisor. Well that is good practice when you are trying to save money at tax time and reducing your tax liability, however is no good for issues surrounding bankruptcy.

Accountants in general are not certified to deal with bankruptcy. Within accounting courses, bankruptcy is a specialty course directly aimed at those who wish to work in the sector. Unless your accountant/financial advisor is a bankruptcy specialist he would have minimal knowledge on the ins and outs of declaring bankruptcy.

What about my solicitor I hear you say…You can speak to your solicitor in Australia but more than likely it won’t do much good. Australian solicitors are generally good at undertaking things lawyers do, like assisting you buying a house and assisting you complete a will.

In the end it is an Australian Bankruptcy expert you need to consult.  Here at eBankruptcy we have a team of highly trained, insolvency experts who have developed a fully automated platform capable of providing solutions to your financial problems online.

Other personal insolvency options exist such as small debts arrangements and personal insolvency arrangements. When seeking advice from a Registered Trustee these alternatives will be explained and considered for your circumstances.

It is also recommended that you visit the Australian Financial Security Authority Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA)

Bankruptcy should be used as a last resort. It is designed to help people who simply can no longer afford to repay their debts. Don’t let your financial problem destroy your life – in the end it’s just money.

At E-Bankruptcy we offer a cost effective, online bankruptcy and alternative solutions for people in financial trouble.

That solution is eBankruptcy. Apply here